About Claire

_MG_8364 - GE Fitness OD 2013


I first fell in love with sport and fitness when I discovered running and martial arts in my teens.

Kickboxing, Thai boxing, and then Brazilian jiu-jitsu inspired me to tailor my own training programmes in order to become faster, stronger, and more powerful. Along the way, I experimented with powerlifting, but ultimately had to abandon it as the training wasn’t compatible with my goals at the time.

As I gradually discovered what was right for me, my lifestyle and my goals, I decided that I wanted to help other people in their sport and fitness pursuits. I qualified as a personal trainer and left my full-time office job in order to focus solely on my passion by working with clients one-to-one.

I also trained in Swedish massage and sports massage, which I had found along my martial arts journey to be a very effective way of getting more out of my own training, and knew it could help my clients too.

Currently, I am studying for a Masters degree in nutrition, which is another passion of mine. As a vegan, I was often told that I would never build muscle or have the energy to train at a high intensity, but through my own research and experimentation I found that not to be the case. I look forward to being able to offer research-based nutrition advice to my clients, in a way that complements their lifestyles!