About me

_MG_8364 - GE Fitness OD 2013


Unlike many fitness professionals, I didn’t grow up a sporty child; I first fell in love with sport and fitness when I discovered running and martial arts in my late teens.

My passions for kickboxing, Thai boxing, and then Brazilian jiu-jitsu inspired me to tailor my own training programmes in order to become faster, stronger, and more powerful. I briefly experimented with powerlifting, but ultimately abandoned it as the training wasn’t compatible with my goals at the time. Running took a back seat after I broke a toe, and I had to find other ways to maintain my cardiovascular fitness; eventually, I stopped missing running, started to understand that there is no single way to stay fit and active, and that our needs change constantly.

As I experienced the evolution of my own lifestyle, goals, and injuries, I realised I wanted to help other people find their way towards well-being, however that path may look for them. I qualified as a personal trainer in 2013 and left my full-time office job in order to focus solely on my vision by working with clients one-to-one in a private personal training studio. Shortly after, I trained as a massage therapist, furthering my understanding of the human body and deepening my interest in working with people throughout the cycle of injury and recovery.

I have always been interested in food and nutrition, and especially in how I can manipulate my diet to get the most out of my training and recovery. In 2016 I gained a Postgraduate Certificate in Sport and Exercise nutrition, and International Society for Sports Nutrition accreditation. Rather than handing out rigid diet plans, I work with clients to give them the knowledge and confidence to make their own food choices, understanding that food is more than just fuel. Having been vegan since 2009, I am very happy to work with anyone following alternative diets.

I have trained clients from the ages of 13 to 91, overseen injury rehabilitation sessions alongside physiotherapists and osteopaths, and massaged some of the world’s most elite sports teams. I champion individuality; the only statement that is true for all of us is that our bodies feel best when they are able to move freely!