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Promotion: Keep fit this Christmas

End of year promotion

If the lack of posting on this blog is anything to go by, time is certainly flying! But then, doesn’t that happen every year around this time of year? Work end-of-year parties, last-minute gatherings with friends you realise you haven’t actually seen since about this time last year, and shorter days and longer nights make fitting everything else in […]

Review: BAM Bamboo Clothing

I think it was almost a year ago that I discovered BAM; I had perhaps stumbled across their website a few months prior in my search for bamboo t-shirts to print up with my logo, but I believe that the first purchases I ever made were for Christmas gifts for family. I also threw in one […]

Training: Should you stretch?

I rarely get my clients to stretch. In fact, I never do unless they have some injury or niggle that could be caused or aggravated by overly tight muscles in a particular area (glutes and hamstrings are often the culprits here). Nobody has ever mentioned it to me, and yet the topic deserves a little […]

Spotlight On: Fitspiration

Apologies for the long silence between posts – it has been a busy few weeks and with summer making a few brief appearances I’ve been making the most of downtime in the sun! But I feel it’s important to talk about food shaming and the growing “fitspiration” trend for a while now, because I can see it […]

Review: Protein Munchies

I wouldn’t be a personal trainer if I didn’t share something protein-related. And in my opinion, I wouldn’t be a very good personal trainer if I didn’t pick something that offered healthy whole food-based options that could be varied according to your tastes, and that offered good value for money. Enter Protein Munchies. Now, I […]

Nutrition: Celeriac veggie burgers

Although many people haven’t heard of it, celeriac has been in my life for years. The French love to julienne it and smother it in mayonnaise to make céleri rémoulade alongside grated carrot salad and taboulé. As the food I ate during summer holidays at my grandparents’ holiday home, celeriac has never struck me as particularly exciting. […]

Training: Strength-training for walking

My friend Vivien is walking from London to Brighton over the May bank holiday weekend, in the hope of raising £500 for WaterAid. Based on Viv’s current stats, she’s likely to take about 140,000 steps to cover the 100km distance. Each foot will hit the ground 70,000 times. That means each foot will flex and […]

Nutrition: 5:2 diet meal ideas

As promised, I’m back to share with you some of the meals that I enjoyed (and yes, I did genuinely enjoy them) whilst on the 5:2 diet for the month of February. Most of them followed the same format; a starchy carbohydrate making up the biggest proportion of the calorie content, a low-carbohydrate protein, green […]

Nutrition How To: Survive the 5:2 diet

It might seem strange that after concluding that I didn’t think the 5:2 diet – or the Fast Diet, or intermittent fasting – represented a step forward in the world of weight loss, I should be here giving you my top tips for a successful fast day. But I have to accept that intermittent fasting has been […]

Nutrition Spotlight On: The 5:2 diet

Some of you may have been following my #FastFebruary Twitter updates, and if so you may have noticed I’ve gone pretty quiet for the last few days. That’s because my experiment with the 5:2 diet, or “The Fast Diet“, generically known as intermittent fasting, is now over – and I am enjoying not planning my week […]