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If the lack of posting on this blog is anything to go by, time is certainly flying!

But then, doesn’t that happen every year around this time of year? Work end-of-year parties, last-minute gatherings with friends you realise you haven’t actually seen since about this time last year, and shorter days and longer nights make fitting everything else in just a little bit harder.

Every year, simultaneously, gyms empty out and the internet gets flooded with “how to stay in shape this holiday season” types of articles. You know the kind – the ones that give helpful insights such as “To avoid falling out of your fitness routine, make sure you keep up with your fitness routine” and “Avoid over-eating by stopping when you are full”.

Now, I have no issue with people having to prioritise other things over fitness – part of the reason I became a personal trainer in the first place was to help people feel fitter, stronger and healthier even if they don’t feel like hitting the gym is a top priority – but I hate seeing the guilt that many people end up going through as a result of skipping the gym for a few weeks. So I came up with a little incentive.

End of year promotion

Sign up between now and Christmas eve, and you can book an exclusive block of just five one-hour sessions at a heavily discounted rate of £150!

That means you have every reason to visit the gym at least once a week between now and Christmas, and no reason to feel bad for indulging yourself this season.

Think about it. And give me a call, a text, or an email so we can talk about your goals and how I can help you!

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