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I wouldn’t be a personal trainer if I didn’t share something protein-related.

And in my opinion, I wouldn’t be a very good personal trainer if I didn’t pick something that offered healthy whole food-based options that could be varied according to your tastes, and that offered good value for money.

Protein Munchies box

Enter Protein Munchies.

Now, I am no fan of the protein-fits-all approach to diet and fitness. While a shift towards obtaining more of your calories from protein rather than fat or the oft-vilified carbohydrate may help regulate metabolism and hunger and therefore calorie intake (and, by extension, body mass), simply guzzling a few protein shakes or adding a shake of protein powder to your muffins won’t make you shed the pounds. Would it really be a comforting sign if it did?

However, there are times when protein supplements are helpful. The main reason I would ever encourage anyone to take a protein shake would be for convenience. While you could prepare a post-training snack or meal (I used to bring plastic containers full of pasta, lentils, and veggies), I like to sit down and enjoy my food rather than shovel it into my mouth in a corner of the changing room. I much prefer to have a shake as I leave the gym, then get home/showered/changed, cook something, sit down and enjoy it.

When not training heavily, I have been on and off regular protein shakes. I recognise that I do well on protein; it genuinely does keep me fuller for longer. On the other hand, many shakes do sometimes leave me a little bloated, and they give me very little enjoyment. Plus, I have to carry a shaker around all day, and space in my backpack is a premium.

Protein Munchies delivery

Making your own protein bars makes sense. My interest has been peaked multiple times by protein bar recipes but I stop myself every time, ultimately resolving that I would prefer to eat/drink the individual ingredients and save myself the hour or so it might take to make the bars. Which is silly, as I love a good healthy snack bar.

So when a friend sent me a link to, I knew I had my solution. Making my own bars would be cheaper, of course, but if I’d learnt anything in the last couple of years it was that I wasn’t going to. The first thing I checked was the price: £2.50 per 50g bar. At the higher end of the spectrum, but not unacceptably so.

The next thing I checked was the ingredients options: nut butters, fruit pastes, pea protein, agave, and additional cereals, nuts, and superfoods of your choice. An all-vegan bar was possible, using pea protein and agave. A cereal-free bar was possible. Some of my favourite superfoods (cacao nibs, chia seeds, cinnamon, and maca powder) were on offer. No complaints here!

I plugged a few combinations in to see how much the price per bar would rise – it didn’t. I can literally put all the most expensive ingredients into a bar full of wholesome ingredients for no extra cost? I’m in!

Before I got a chance to order my own, Tony, the founder, got in touch and offered me some free samples! He instructed me to create my own recipe and email it to him, and less than a week later, the box was in my hands – all printed up with the fairly unimaginative name I chose for my bar. Can you guess what’s in it I wonder?

Protein Munchies box

You build your own bar in seven guided steps: base, protein powder, glue, fruits and berries, nuts and seeds, cereals, and superfoods. Many of these are optional (I chose not to add any cereals), and you can add as much as you’d like. Each step comes with a little tip, for example to add “extra” glue if you’ve requested “extra” protein, to stop the bar being too dry. For someone like me who struggles with choice, I found it very easy to build what I thought was my perfect bar.

I love that as you go along, the nutrition panel updates automatically. For a pretty complex service, it’s incredibly user-friendly. And, once again, none of your choices alter the price!

Protein Munchies nutrition

I knew I wanted to use almond butter as my base, as I eat plenty of peanut butter and at the moment I’m making plenty of cashew yoghurt. I was intrigued by the apricot paste on offer, but decided to go with date paste – you can always add both if you prefer a little more gooey sweetness!

To make the bars vegan, you need to select pea protein and agave nectar (as opposed to whey protein and honey). I added a “medium” amount of each.

I resisted the urge to add everything I could, and just added “a little” goji berries for my fruit component. I didn’t want a mouthful of dried fruit, and goji berries pack more of a nutritional punch into a small bar than most other fruits.

I then added some chia seeds and coconut chips. For a bit of a crunch and a little added nutrition without too much risk of making the bar crumble. I stayed away from cereals for the same reason, and also just because I’m not a fan of cereals in my bars unless they’re flapjacks.

Lastly, I excitedly added cacao nibs and cinnamon because I love them both and they’re healthy, and also some maca powder because it adds a delicious malty flavour and you don’t come across many bars which contain maca. And here, it doesn’t cost you any extra!

Protein Munchies goji-cacao-coconut bar

I’m surprised at how well the bars hold together, with beautiful studs of colour. They have survived the backpack test despite sharing the space with numerous other snacks, pens, keys, water bottles, training gear, laptop and phone chargers, and whatever other random items lurk in various nooks and crannies. I know I couldn’t make something that looks that good out of those ingredients.

Oh and taste! Well, I love it. There is just the right ratio of ingredients for pleasant mouth-feel, and although it is slightly powdery from the protein I don’t find it off-putting; if it’s something you worry about, simply add less protein powder and more glue, or omit the protein powder altogether. With just over 200kcal, 12g of protein, 17g of carbs and 9g of fat – all from natural whole food ingredients plus cinnamon and maca – I’d buy something like this in store. For the full recipe and nutritional breakdown, see here.

Protein Munchies goji-cacao-coconut bar

If you don’t feel like creating your own recipe, Protein Munchies do offer ready-made bars for various tastes, preferences, and dietary requirements. If you struggle with choice as much as I do, they also offer variety packs of 5 or 10 bars (£12.50 and £25, respectively).

The killer question: would I pay for these? The answer is a resounding YES. I think you absolutely get what you pay for, not only in convenience and user-friendliness but in ingredient range and quality. I know many of my clients struggle to find healthy snacks on the go, and I struggle to recommend something tasty and healthy that doesn’t cost so much they would think I had shares in the company for recommending. I can definitely see myself designing Protein Munchies bars for my clients, or giving them certain recommendations towards building their own bars.

I do still plan to make my own healthy snack bars – proteinated or not – but in the meantime I am totally happy to keep using Protein Munchies. Not long until it’s time to order my next batch – I’ll be sure to report back with new combinations (oh the things I do for you…)!

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